2016 Williston Basin Petroleum Conference

Technical Presentation - Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Bakken Completions – Aiming for Optimal DesignWednesday, May 25, 2016 - Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) has used a multivariate statistical analysis to examine the optimal completion techniques that maximize Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) and minimize half cycle (drilling and completion costs) for wells drilled in the Viewfield Area of the Bakken Resource Play. The talk will outline the region of focus, data used, the statistical technique, results of the analysis and potential improvements and applications for future work.Bismarck Event CenterMeeting Rooms 103-105North Dakota Petroleum CouncilMark LenkoSamantha FosterMonday, May 16, 2016CDLAcademicEURs & Type CurvesEventhttps://www.wbpcnd.org/Default.aspxUnited StatesNorth DakotaBismarck