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Data Solutions

Why Data Solutions?

In today’s highly competitive E&P environment, it’s all about producing more barrels for fewer dollars. With drilling and completions (D&C) operations now consuming close to 70% of capital expenditures, and generating massive amounts of data, leveraging all available information to make better decisions represents an enormous opportunity.

Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL)’s data solutions help you to better access, integrate and analyze oil & gas data. We offer a unique blend of data management, data capture, engineering analysis and related expertise to help you maximize results.

Drilling Database and Well Completions & Frac Database

Why Canadian Discovery?

  • Analytics-ready data
  • Intelligent data entry processes and proprietary workflows
  • Skilled analysts and access to senior technical expertise
  • Independent third party = unbiased data
  • People you can work with

What We Offer

Data management/high-grading

  • Data screening
  • QA/QC of existing electronic datasets
  • Integration across oil & gas datasets

Electronic data capture from hard copy or raster

  • Proprietary/consortia database design and/or entry
  • Mining of public datasets
  • Engineering analysis including operational, efficiency and problem analysis

Data hosting

  • Secure online delivery
  • Web applications and/or ODBC direct streaming

Analytics and/or reports

  • Summary of key observations
  • Benchmarking and trend analysis
  • Multivariate statistics and/or regression analysis to determine optimal paths for success

Typical data workflow

Our Experts

  • Matt Baird
  • Mark Lenko
  • Matt Baird
    Managing Director—Data

    Matt has over 15 years of experience in oil & gas industry database and application development. As a database architecture specialist, he has played a key role in numerous high profile initiatives at CDL including the development of EDGE software, Well Completions & Frac Database and Catalyst application. Matt specializes in turning messy data into smart data. He holds a diploma in Computer Technology from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

  • Mark Lenko, M.Ec., P.Eng.
    Managing Director—Intelligence, Engineering Director

    Mark has 25 years of varied engineering, operational and executive experience in the Canadian energy industry with a focus on evaluations, exploitations and reservoir engineering. His expertise includes reservoir engineering and economic assessments of capital development programs including type curve development, well spacing plans, well level evaluations and field development economics. Mark holds a B.Sc. (Petroleum Engineering) from the University of Alberta, a B.A. (Economics) and an M.Ec. (Economics) from the University of Calgary.

Our Experience

  • Resource plays
  • Previously unavailable industry-standard datasets
  • Proven proprietary data model
  • Well, stage and interval based data structure for horizontal wells is in use by over 150 operators, service companies and agencies across North America
  • Electronic data capture and analysis of over 50,000 wells to date
  • International application and database expertise

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