Drilling & Completion Costs

Announcement: geoLOGIC Purchases CDL Well Completions & Frac Database. See Joint Public Statement 


Economic analysis requires accurate costs—and Canadian Discovery Ltd (CDL) delivers! We mine both AFE (authorization for expenditure) and total drilling and completion costs from regulatory documents to deliver reported costs for resource play wells. CDL’s costs provide clients and in-house analysts with a reasonable metric for comparative purposes.

What We Offer

We capture reported field costs for both drilling and completions operations. This process includes performing basic QA/QC, flagging how liner costs have been reported and providing relevant commentary.

CDL’s reported costs are included with the Well Completions & Frac Database and are also packaged with the Catalyst application.

What Makes Us Different

Cost data is not readily available in the public domain. While other organizations do provide some cost estimates in a variety of capacities, only CDL mines reported field costs in detail. Our costs provide a reasonable proxy, particularly on an aggregate statistical basis. We offer the best costs available to industry.