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Why CDL Plays?

CDL Plays provide a framework for consistent, repeatable results and effective comparisons of type curves, EURs, completion & drilling costs, operating practices and more. Canadian Discovery uses CDL Plays as the base for all of our products and services so we understand the value of quality play assignments. We are now making this value available for your workflows.

What Makes CDL Plays Different?

Many service providers offer value-added well data fields such as "prod zone" or "formation" within their datasets, or provide play delineation for individual plays in specific areas using a variety of methods. Canadian Discovery is the only independent third party to provide detailed, geologically informed plays across the entire Western Canada Sedimentary Basin with every well in Western Canada assigned to a specific play.

Montney Detailed Plays

How Are CDL Plays Used?

Canadian Discovery tracks all producing formations in Western Canada using approximately 500 detailed plays that are then aggregated into over 200 broader plays. The detailed plays are used for type curve development. Every well in the WCSB has been assigned to a play and new wells are added and assigned weekly. CDL Plays provide users a fast and simple way to filter data and begin their analysis.

What Do CDL Plays Include?

  • Tracking of over 200 aggregated plays with further segmentation into over 500 detailed plays
  • All wells in Western Canada are assigned with new wells added weekly
  • Custom completed zones assigned by Canadian Discovery to each well
  • Play maps and descriptions
  • Plays are reviewed and updated as new data becomes available and new plays emerge
  • Delivery through Canadian Discovery’s Catalyst Play Evaluation Platform or ODBC connection for direct import into other applications

What Does a CDL Play Look Like?

Canadian Discovery provides detailed play definitions within each formation. Each play includes a map, schematic cross-section and description. As an example, the Montney is divided into 22 detailed plays based on facies and pressure and temperature regimes; the 22 plays are combined into 8 aggregated plays that broadly include the same fluid (oil vs gas), pressure regime (overpressured vs normal) and facies. Using these different attributes to group wells into a single play allows users to generate meaningful comparisons with respect to operators, completions design and well performance. The Montney Distal Shelf South play, which hosts five detailed plays, is shown as a sample.

Montney Distal Shelf N Montney Beg
  Montney Boundary
  Montney Gundy
  Montney Stoddart
Montney Distal Shelf S Montney Groundbirch-Dawson
  Montney Swan-Elmworth
  Montney Tupper
  Montney Valhalla
  Montney Valhalla C
Montney Shelf S Montney Kakwa
  Montney Rycroft
  Montney Smoky
Montney Shelf S Montney Kakwa
  Montney Rycroft
  Montney Smoky
Montney Shelf-Shoreface N Montney Mulligan
  Montney Ring
Montney Shoreface N Montney Girouxville E
  Montney Sturgeon Lake S
  Montney Worsley
Montney Shoreface S Montney Ante Creek N
  Montney Fir
  Montney Kaybob
  Montney Kaybob S
Montney Structural Montney Disturbed Belt S
Montney Distal Shelf Play Map
Montney Distal Shelf South Play Sample Map.

Subscription Details

A subscription to CDL Plays includes access to Canadian Discovery's Catalyst Play Evaluation Platform, as well as direct download access into your mapping and analytics applications including Excel, Spotfire, Tableau, Verdazo and more. Contact us today for subscription details or learn more about CDL's data offerings!

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