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  • A Brief But DEEP Update: Geothermal Energy Heats Up in SE Saskatchewan

    Tableland, SK

    Deep Earth Energy has completed its geothermal resource evaluation activities in southeast Saskatchewan. The Cambrian/Ordovician age reservoir is multi-zonal, comprising two fracture-connected porous units. Read more.

  • Shell’s Quest for the Holy Grail of Carbon Capture and Storage

    Thorhild/Radway, AB

    Shell’s Quest facility in central Alberta is the world’s first commercial-scale carbon capture and storage project to sequester carbon dioxide emissions arising from oil sands development.Read more.

  • Can Lithium Fuel Alberta’s Future?

    Petro-Lithium in Alberta

    The recovery of lithium from oilfield brines in Alberta is expected to help meet increasing demand for this metal, which is an important component of the rapidly growing rechargeable battery and power storage industry. This article examines the distribution of the element within the province and compares the two operators with the largest land bases (permit areas), that are poised to begin commercial recovery of this valuable resource.Read more.

  • Hydrogen from Oil and Gas Reservoirs

    Sparking a Potentially Explosive Revolution?

    Proton Technologies is currently field testing production and collection of hydrogen gas from a heavy oil reservoir in west-central Saskatchewan. The process uses the reservoir as a reactor to produce hydrogen at depth while trapping the other reaction products underground. If successful, this method could significantly lower the costs of low (or zero) carbon emission hydrogen production for both industrial and transportation uses in the future.Read more.

  • 2020 Western Canada Year in Review: Low Carbon and Critical Minerals

    The World of Tomorrow—Today!

    A growing number of operators continue to drive a gradual, but steady transformation of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin’s existing oil and gas industry to a lower carbon footprint. Other innovators are pursuing new sources of energy and new commodities outside of oil and gas.Read more.

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