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    Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.  
    — W. Edwards Deming  

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Data Is Our Foundation

Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) doesn’t just deliver data—we live and breathe it! Like you, we rely on accurate and complete data to form expert insights and make good decisions.

As a known innovator, CDL specializes in high-graded datasets for Western Canada. Our data is carefully compiled and analyzed by skilled professionals. Likewise, our geological plays are mapped by seasoned experts, with target zones confirmed for every well.

Most recently, we developed an advanced methodology to generate type curves for horizontal wells. This process enables CDL to provide robust estimated ultimate recoveries (EURs). When used in combination with our well & production data, CDL’s datasets provide unmatched analytical capabilities.

Connect to Our Data

Visit the Products page to determine which of CDL’s data-driven offerings are right for you. For proprietary data consulting, or to leverage our data capabilities outside Western Canada, see Data Solutions.

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