The WCSB Deep Basin has long been known for its extensive gas resources. This clastic wedge typically transitions downdip from normally pressured conventional reservoirs to increasingly tighter, under-pressured and over-pressured unconventional reservoirs.

Why is this Important?

The varying pressure regimes have a predictable impact on OGIP, a massive impact on water risk and correlate strongly to liquids yield. The Deep Basin is synonymous with resource plays and the future of the Canadian gas industry. Many Deep Basin reservoirs have a poorly understood updip oil leg, which transitions downdip through the phase windows—black oil, volatile oil, liquids-rich gas and dry gas. The transition zones can change rapidly, within just a few miles. Knowing where you are and the associated risk can prove to be the difference between a project’s economic success or failure.

Deep Basin Model
Deep Basin Model from Rakhit Petroleum Consulting Ltd.'s Deep Basin Regional Hydrodynamics: Cardium to Cadomin Study

Our Deep Basin Project

Through decades of research, including pioneering Petroleum Hydrodynamics and geothermics, CDL has accumulated industry leading knowledge on the position, controls and nuances of the Deep Basin. This knowledge is now available to import directly into your work flow.


CDL’s Deep Basin Edges identify the limits of the deep basin area and the areas of high and low pressure allowing operators to better understand and target areas with higher NGL and low water potential. These map layers can be imported into commonly used applications (such as AccuMap®, geoSCOUT, Petra®, ArcGIS, Surfer® and RockWorks) to highlight promising development and exploration areas. CDL’s Deep Basin Edges are delivered as shapefiles updated annually with new wells and new understandings.


  • Pressure Depth Ratio Maps – Shapefiles and PDF maps
  • Isotherms and Geothermal Gradients – Shapefiles and PDF maps
  • Liquids Yield – Shapefiles and PDF maps
  • Geologic Models – 2-4 page PDF reports with descriptions and schematic cross section

What's Included?

Shapefiles for the following 19 Deep Basin horizons will be delivered annually to subscribers:

Viking Deep Basin Edges

Viking Deep Basin Edges

  • Edmonton
  • Belly River
  • Second White Specks
  • Dunvegan
  • Cardium
  • Viking
  • Notikewin
  • Falher
  • Wilrich
  • Bluesky / Glauconitic
  • Lower Mannville
  • Nordegg
  • Charlie Lake
  • Halfway
  • Doig
  • Lower Doig Siltstone
  • Upper Montney
  • Middle Montney
  • Lower Montney

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