Petroleum Hydrodynamics

Why Hydrodynamics?

Petroleum Hydrodynamics at Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) recognizes that understanding how fluids (oil, gas, water) interact with rock environments is critical to oil & gas exploration and development. By relating subsurface fluid dynamics to basin evolution and fluid composition in a reservoir, hydrodynamics provides early recognition of resource plays and associated sweet spots. It also leads to increased resolution of transition zones to reduce the risk of water and the ability to identify by-passed oil with tilted oil/water contact analysis.

Upper Montney Pressure vs Elevation Graph
Upper Montney Pressure vs Elevation Graph from CDL's Montney Hydrodynamics Project II

Why Canadian Discovery?

  • Decision-ready deliverables
  • Rigorous data methods
  • Proprietary in-house workflows and software
  • People you can work with

What We Offer

Unconventional Resources Application

  • Correlate pressure to storage
  • Correlate pressure to rates and recovery
  • Determine overpressure zones with lower probability of water

Conventional Applications

  • Calculate gas/oil/water contacts—including tilted oil/water contacts
  • Determine fluid densities at reservoir condition
  • Map reservoir continuity and permeability barriers
  • Interpret geological trends


  • Pressure/depth ratio maps
  • Pressure/elevation graphs (including liquids distribution)
  • Hydraulic head maps
  • Play fairway maps/exploration opportunities
  • Isotherm maps
  • Geothermal gradient maps
  • Wet gas index and liquids yield maps
  • Temperature/depth graphs

Our Experience

  • Representative hydrodynamics studies available for purchase

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