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Canadian Discovery has written over 90 Discovery Digest articles on the various units in the Mannville, as well as 20+ detailed technical studies. Since its inception, Canadian Discovery has monitored Mannville activity, making us industry experts in this high-reward play.

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Detailed Technical Studies

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  • The Clearwater’s Busting Out of Marten Hills

    Cadotte–Marten Hills, AB

    As Clearwater development continues at a steady pace within the established Marten Hills fairway, some operators are looking further afield in the oil sands region for new opportunities. Read more.

  • Black Gold from the Basal Quartz

    A Comparison of Southern Alberta Production Areas

    A comparison of Basal Quartz oil plays in the Taber, Alderson and Wayne areas of southern AB appears to indicate that reservoir quality of channel systems exerts a strong control on hydrocarbon deliverability. Read more.

  • Separated at Birth: The Clearwater and Spirit River Formations

    The Ties That Bind

    Although targeted for entirely different types of petroleum resources, the Clearwater and Spirit River formations share a geological connection. Stratigraphically contemporaneous, these formations represent a continuum of continental to lower shelf deposition. Read more.

  • The Return of the King: A New Upper Mannville Rex Discovery

    13-15-48-26W4 Upper Mannville Oil

    Altura has drilled a successful horizontal well in the Upper Mannville, resulting in one of the largest conventional oil discoveries in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) in the last 20 years. Read more.

  • Upper Mannville Expands in the Heartland

    Jarvie–Newbrook, AB

    An emerging Upper Mannville oil play in the Jarvie area is similar in stratigraphy and development style to the Clearwater heavy oil play at Marten Hills. Read more.

  • Glauconitic and Upper Mannville Lithic Channels

    May the Lith be With You!

    Glauconitic and Upper Mannville lithic channels have become viable oil prospects with modern horizontal drilling and completions technologies. A multi-disciplinary approach to exploration and development should reveal an abundance of bypassed pay in these tricky targets. Read more.

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